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Hilo de movidas de arte.
« en: Noviembre 15, 2018, 01:27:48 p.m. »
Appraising the sculpture today, one gets the impression that there is a bond beyond violence between the victorious and conquered. The suggestive nature of the sculpture seems to hint that David may have defeated Goliath through seduction. (Indeed, Donatello’s later sculpture of the Israelite heroine Judith with the head of Holofernes is often compared to this David.) One of the wings of Goliath’s helmet seems to be climbing up David’s leg, sensually caressing his inner thigh. While this ornament would have been useful in hiding some support work, Donatello was also playing a formal trick: In its original display on a high pedestal in the courtyard of the Medici’s Palazzo Vecchio, onlookers would have peered up at the sculpture, the feather leading the eye to its behind. Curiously, Goliath’s helmet also shows a relief of cupids pulling a chariot in which another cupid is riding, an illustration of the “Triumph of Love.”
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